Welcome to the Nottinghamshire EPaCCS and End of Life Care Web Resource

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Running your GSF Report [icon name=icon-circle-arrow-right]
If you need help running your GSF Report, please click here for instructions

DNACPR [icon name=icon-circle-arrow-right]
More information on DNACPR and a link to download the form

The End of Life Care Guide [icon name=icon-circle-arrow-right]
Guidance for recognising and assisting patients with life-limiting conditions, including guidance and details of the support services available.
Click to download the full Nottinghamshire End of Life Guidance 2015[icon name=icon-download-alt]

Nottinghamshire End of Life Care Professional Network [icon name=icon-circle-arrow-right]
Contact details for facilitators, nurses and leads with Nottinghamshire.

End of Life Care Training Network [icon name=icon-circle-arrow-right]
Local training courses available to NHS professionals