End of Life Care Guide

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Nottingham End of Life Care Guide
Nottinghamshire’s End of Life Care Guide follows the Gold Standards Framework (GSF).
Patient has been identified as approaching the end of their life and may die in the next 12 months.  Remember predicting need is more important than exact prognostication.
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The following will be provided at the appropriate time according to individual patient and carer needs:

  • Specialist care (condition-specific and/or palliative)
  • Specialist psychological support
  • Self-help and support services
  • Respite care
  • Equipment
  • Spiritual support

24 hour access to advice and coordination of care underpin this guide.

Green Stage
The green stage signifies that a patient has unstable or advanced disease.  The prognosis is thought to be less than one year to months, the patient may be deteriorating month to month.
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Amber Stage
The amber stage signifies that a patient is deteriorating now.  The prognosis is thought to be weeks and the patient may be becoming more unwell week to week.
If an individual has a rapidly deteriorating condition that may be entering a terminal phase they may need Fast track NHS continuing healthcare funding to enable their needs to be met urgently (e.g. to allow them to go home to die or appropriate end of life support to be put in place).  Consider using the NHS Continuing Healthcare Fast Track Tool
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Red Stage
The red stage signifies that the patient is now in their final days of life.  The prognosis is thought to be days.  Daily reviews should occur.
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Things to consider at this stage
Supporting the main carer [icon name=icon-circle-arrow-right]
Social Services Carer’s assessment [icon name=icon-circle-arrow-right]
Contact Details for Services [icon name=icon-circle-arrow-right]
Patient Consent to share information [icon name=icon-circle-arrow-right]
Mental Capacity Act Code of Practice [icon name=icon-circle-arrow-right]

Stages of the Gold Standard Framework
[icon name=icon-download-alt] GSF Prognostic Indicator Guidance
[icon name=icon- Nottinghamshire End of Life Guidance 2015[icon name=icon-download-alt]