Anticipatory Prescribing

  • Subcutaneous medication available in patient’s home in advance of any deterioration in the patient’s ability to take medication orally.
  • Allow nurse/GP to administer medication promptly for pain, restlessness and agitation, nausea and vomiting, respiratory tract secretions or breathlessness.
  • Assess risk of misuse.
  • Explain to patient/carer purpose and how to seek help if symptoms arise.
  • Remember to complete the District Nursing Authorisation sheet (DNS Forms) in addition to the FP10.

  Example FP10

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Nottingham City
  Anticipatory Supply of Palliative Care Medications for Adults Policy
  DNS1 AP (April 2017)
  DNS1 SP – Subcutaneous Syringe Pump

Nottinghamshire County Health Partnerships
  Policy for the Anticipatory Supply of Palliative Care Medications