Patient consent to share information

In order to share a patient’s information, you must first obtain their consent to do so. Exceptions to this rule are if the patient does not has capacity, and either yourself or the patient’s Lasting Power of Attorney decides it is in the best interest of the patient to share that information (see: Best Interests)

See also: Mental Capacity Act Code of Practice [icon name=icon-circle-arrow-right]

eDSM Information Sharing – SystmOne
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EPaCCS Information Sharing
EPaCCS extracts a strict dataset of patient’s information out of their clinical records, to be made available to other health services that need it in an emergency. This is only done with the patient’s consent, or if a the patient does not have capacity under the Mental Capacity Act (2005) a Best Interest decision may be made by someone with authority to do so.

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More information on Sharing Through EPaCCS [icon name=icon-circle-arrow-right]