Supporting the Main Carer

In the final days and hours of life, Carer’s should be offered support.

Relevant information should be provided to those important to the patient about what to expect and what to do when the patient dies.

Nottingham City
Nottingham City Council’s Adult Social Care Services
[icon name=icon-phone] 0300 300 3333 – option 2
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Nottinghamshire County
To ask for a carer’s assessment:
[icon name=icon-phone] 0300 500 8080
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[icon name=icon-download-alt]Pathways Carer Support Service Leaflet

Nottingham North & East
[icon name=icon-circle-arrow-right] Pathways Carer Support Service on CCG Intranet

[icon name=icon-download-alt]Pathways Caring for Carers Leaflet
[icon name=icon-download-alt]Pathways Carer Support Service