Running your GSF Report (OLD PAGE)

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You can useĀ  this report to help guide your GSF, MDT or Finding the 2% meetings. Information from this report has come straight from your SystmOne unit, plus from other units you may be sharing with such as the district nurses. Go through each patient, if there is any information missing or incorrect, you should go to the patient’s record and change it using the EPaCCS teamplate.

Step One: Open SystmOne and the GSF Report spreadsheet
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The GSF Report is found on the final page of the EPaCCS template, or saved in your shared drive.

Step Two: Follow these instructions to run the SystmOne report

1. Go to SystmOne Clinical Reporting

2. Find the Report called *GSF Report To Run* and Run it by pressing the [icon name=icon-play]

[icon name=icon-facetime-video] Click on on the image below for a demonstration
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3. When it has run, press Show Patients [icon name=icon-search]

4. Press Save All Pages to CSV above the patient results. This will open a new Excel spreadsheet with a lot of information. Keep this open and move to the next step.


Step 3: Generate your GSF Report

1. Go to the GSF Report spreadsheet and press Generate Report.

2. This will bring up a window. Use the drop down list to choose the spreadsheet that you just opened from SystmOne, usually called ShowPatients.csv or similar. You can also hide or include deceased and inactive patients from your QOF register using these controls.
Press GO to generate your report.

[icon name=icon-facetime-video] Click on on the image below for a demonstration
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