Running your GSF Report

Click here to download GSF Report v6.3
SystmOne only

Latest Update: 20th June 2018
Version 6.3 now pulls through the Usual GP instead of the Registered GP(GMS). (Please amend breakdown as shown below for this feature to work)


How to install and use the GSF Report version 6

  1. Download and save the GSF Report V6.xlsm file
  2. Open the file and press the install button, be sure to press Enable Content and Enable Macros on any yellow bars that appear.
  3. Close the file and save it (if it prompts you to do so)
  4. Go on to SystmOne and then Clinical Reporting
  5. Find the Nottinghamshire EPaCCS folder on the left side menu and click it
  6. Right click and run the top report named *GSF Register All Patients (To Run)*
  7. When it has completed and you have a green ticket, right click it again and press show patients.
  8. Then on the next window, press save all pages to csv which will open the same information in Microsoft Excel, you should now have a button on your Excel ribbon to “Create GSF Report”. Press this button and let it load.
  9. Choose your options in the blue box then press Create Summary – this will then create your report.


Troubleshooting problems

Problem: The report isn’t bringing through patient information.
Answer: The breakdown on the Systmone report is incorrect, try the following breakdown on the report…

GSF Register All Patients (To Run)
Coded Entries
☑Read Code

Event details
☑Event Date
☑Event Done by

☑Registered Practice
☑Registration Status
☑Usual Carer

GSF Info – Patient Carer
☑Other person first name
☑Other person surname

QOF Palliative Care Register
Strategic Reporting ID
☑Patient ID

QOF – Heart Failure
Strategic Reporting ID
☑Patient ID

QOF – Dementia
Strategic Reporting ID
☑Patient ID

Strategic Reporting ID
☑Patient ID

Strategic Reporting ID
☑Patient ID

QOF – Cancer
Strategic Reporting ID
☑Patient ID

GSF Info – Referred to EPaCCS
None (not functional)

Problem: The report shows me more GP surgeries than my own in a new window.
Answer: This is because information on the patients record has been input by someone at a different surgery, for example if a patient has recently registered with your surgery, this will happen.

Problem: The button doesn’t work and is giving an error message.
Solution: This usually happens when the original GSF Report file has moved location. Try downloading it again and pressing the install button.