How to share a patient through EPaCCS

Information is shared through the MIG using the supportive care data set which was made available in the latest version of the MIG. This is a live record that is available for community, NEMS, 111 and EMAS.

Please note: Practices are still responsible for completing the NEMS Adastra Special Patient Notes for EMIS patients

Unfortunately we cannot share information back into EMIS web. This will hopefully become available when TPP and EMIS release the functionality to share information between the systems.  Click here for more information…

TPP SystmOne
To share a patient’s record through EPaCCS on SystmOne, look for this section at the top of the initial information page. This only needs to be done once per patient.
Pressing this button will open this window, which allows you to set the patient’s consent, EDSM Sharing, and Refer to Nottingham CityCare EPaCCS. The current status of the patient’s consent will be shown, so you do not need to duplicate anything.

Sharing begins when you press the Refer to Nottingham CityCare EPaCCS button. The New Electronic Referral window will appear. In the free text section, type New Patient” then press Ok at the bottom of the form.

Once you have saved the patient’s record, their information will be shared via EPaCCS to other providers. For more information, see Sharing Through EPaCCS[icon name=icon-circle-arrow-right]

The Gold Star
If you are unsure whether a referral has been sent already, look out for the Gold Star underneath the patient’s name in the top right summary of the patient.
If there is a Gold Star present, this means a referral has been sent and the patient information is being shared.

If there is a Red Star present, this means a referral has been sent, but the patients record sharing is not set correctly to share out. To amend the record sharing, click the Red Star.


Automatic Update Task
If the patient has any new information input on the EPaCCS Template, a window will appear which automatically sends an update to the EPaCCS team that new information has been input relating to the EPaCCS template. Press OK to confirm the changes.taskupdate