Using the SystmOne Template

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The EPaCCS Template is a way to record information about palliative care patients and create a single shared record for everyone involved in a patient’s care.


The EPaCCS template follows the Gold Standard Framework, with initial information about the patient and then Green, Yellow and Red pages. Tick boxes and drop down lists make it quick and easy to record what you’ve done for the patient. Internet links next to the relevant section will take you directly to information and documentation for palliative care.

You don’t need to fill out the whole template in one go, just up to the relevant stage. As the patient’s condition deteriorates, go back to the relevant page to keep the record up to date. You don’t need to fill out the whole template, so if something is not relevant, don’t fill it in. But you should consider everything on that page as something the patient may need or want.

Putting a patient on at the green stage, you only need to fill out up to the green page. Putting a patient on at the red stage, fill out the template all the way up to the red page.

Clinical Views
These show relevant information from elsewhere in the patient’s record from other services who are sharing information. So you can see if something has already been recorded, and you won’t need to record it again.

The Gold Star
If you are unsure whether a referral has been sent already, look out for the Gold Star underneath the patient’s name in the top right summary of the patient.
If there is a Gold Star present, this means a referral has been sent and the patient information is being shared.

If there is a Red Star present, this means a referral has been sent, but the patients record sharing is not set correctly to share out. To amend the record sharing, click the Red Star.

Website Links
These all link to documents compiled by the Nottinghamshire End of Life Care Professional Network and Community. Links to relevant sections are provided next to the template, to take you straight to the documentation you need from SystmOne.

Update Task
If the patient has any new information input on the EPaCCS Template, a window will appear which automatically sends an update to the EPaCCS team that new information has been input relating to the EPaCCS template. Press OK to confirm the changes.taskupdate